J&R Hall pilots trailer gap-closing TruckWings during Canadian winter :

February 2, 2021

“We liked the concept behind TruckWings in closing the gap between the truck and the trailer, but we wanted to validate the durability and fuel savings for ourselves. TruckWings really impressed us with how well they performed in the unforgiving conditions of a Canadian winter and we had no maintenance issues with the product at all,” said Jeff Hall, president of J&R Hall. “Our main concerns for our fleet were sustained durability of our trucks and increasing our fuel savings. TruckLabs has answered both of those calls.”

TruckLabs says it has tripled sales of the devices in the past year and has accrued more than 200 million miles of highway driving.

“We’re proud that J&R Hall is the first Canadian fleet to deploy our TruckWings technology, because the company is known for its superior transportation service and sterling reputation,” said Daniel Burrows, TruckLabs’ founder and CEO. “Together, we’ve reiterated that TruckWings can perform well through ice, snow, extreme cold and other harsh weather conditions and drive meaningful fuel savings in these conditions. We look forward to extending our relationship with J&R Hall after this successful pilot.

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