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We are on a mission to save 100 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every single year, so we can all breathe easier.


tonnes of CO2 saved* (really!)

It’s in our roots

As a Stanford graduate in Climate Studies, our founder, Daniel Burrows, has a passion for sustainability and became interested in trucking while he spent time at a truck stop during a road trip. After some research, he discovered that two-thirds of truck fuel consumption is spent overcoming wind drag. The gap between the cab and trailer was a leading cause of this inefficiency. Being British, the phrase Mind the Gap came to mind and TruckWings was conceived.

The climate is changing

Climate change is becoming increasingly problematic and many organizations are focusing on ways to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Every day, more companies are announcing their plans to reduce their carbon footprints or become completely carbon neutral.

epa.govOver 300 companies have signed the Climate Pledge to be carbon net-zero by 2040. This will require them to focus on their own carbon footprint (Scope 1 emissions) and that of their suppliers (Scope 3 emissions) — especially their logistics and transportation partners.

Nearly one-third of the U.S.’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Fleet Equipment named decarbonization the biggest trucking trend of 2021. At TruckLabs, we understand the pressure to reduce carbon emissions without jeopardizing the bottom line.

Savings and sustainability are inseparable when it comes to an aerodynamic device like TruckWings. Built to automatically close the gap between cab and trailer when a truck travels at highway speed, TruckWings cuts your fuel bill while making our world a healthier place to live.

Every TruckWings on the road saves the equivalent carbon emissions of 2 passenger cars every year.

A path forward for Scope 3 emissions

With the SEC’s proposal to require climate disclosures which includes Scope 3 emissions reporting, companies are demanding that their suppliers are taking action today and not just plan for change. Scope 3 emissions result from activities and or assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization, such as those of its suppliers and vendors throughout its value chain. The Rocky Mountain Institute estimates that transporting goods and materials is responsible for about one-fourth of Scope 3 emissions. This is pushing many organizations to look for solutions to reduce emissions as soon as possible. Each TruckWings unit saves approximately 20,000lbs of CO2 per year when applied to large fleets, this can make a huge difference to your climate reporting. TruckWings reduce CO2 emissions on diesel, alternative fuels, and electric Class 8 trucks.

The STEER Act can help

The STEER Act focuses on the heavy-duty trucking sector. It’s a five-year, $500 million voucher program intended to offset the cost of retrofitting emission-reducing active technologies on Class 8 trucks in the U.S. Incentivizing the use of emission-reducing technologies allows for progress to start being made quicker and more efficiently. Show your support today.

Closing the gap towards sustainability

Sustainability is more accessible than ever. TruckWings make a statement. With TruckWings on your tractors, you demonstrate the promise to go the extra mile to help make our world a better, more sustainable place.

Join us in our mission to save 100 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every single year, so we can all breathe easier.

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in our mission to save 100 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every single year, so we can all breathe easier.

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