1st Place, FLOW @ CalTech :

June 15, 2016

XStream took first-place honors for the TruckWings™. First Look West (FLoW) is a multifaceted program that Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute runs to help inventors of clean-energy technologies bridge the gap between laboratory and marketplace.

XStream Trucking’s patented GapGorilla increases the efficiency of the $700 billion long-haul trucking industry by streamlining the gap between the cab and trailer. The GapGorilla deploys to fill the gap at highway speeds to create a smooth surface, and then automatically folds flat when the truck slows down to allow sharp turns. At highway speeds, two thirds of fuel is spent overcoming aerodynamic drag, so streamlining this gap improves fuel economy significantly. Since fuel is the largest non-labor cost in running a fleet, a small reduction in fuel usage could have a large impact on bottom line returns.

The GapGorilla has been tested through computer models, wind tunnels, track tests and highway trials. As a result of these successful tests, several large fleets encompassing over 1,000 tractors have agreed to paid trials.

Since winning FLoW, XStream Trucking won the $30,000 second prize at the 2016 DOE National Cleantech Up competition in Denver. The team bested 19 other competitors from across the country in a tough battle.

XStream CEO Daniel Burrows mentioned that winning FLoW generated amazing buzz for the company. On June 24, 2016 they secured their first quote for a fleet with potential revenue of $600,000 and five other customers have given verbal agreements. The company is also in conversation with Pepsico, with a potential contract in the millions of dollars.

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