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Sustainability solutions that improve your bottom line — so we can all breathe easier.

Fuel-saving products for today’s and tomorrow’s trucking fleets.


tonnes of CO2 saved* (really!)

Real-World Results. Real-World ROI.

We create hardware and software trucking solutions that make a positive impact on carbon reduction while improving your bottom line. We have a half-billion miles of real-world, over-the-road results to show for it.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

99% of S&P 500 companies report they are sustainability conscious. TruckLabs focuses on creating green logistics technologies to help meet your ESG goals.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Fuel accounts for 24% of operating expenses for trucking companies. At TruckLabs, we believe that sustainability can drive real-world operational efficiencies.

Great Driver Experience

Driver retention is ranked the number two issue facing the trucking industry. We are here to make their lives easier by automating tasks and improving their overall driving experience.

TruckWings is the automated way to drive fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. See how it works.

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