About Us


TruckLabs is a trucking technology company with a mission to transform the industry through combining a first-hand understanding of trucking with technology. With more than one hundred million miles driven, we are hardware engineers, software developers and data scientists who are serious about trucking.

Technologists who are serious about trucking.

With the vast impact that freight transportation has on society, the economy, and the environment, our mission is to build powerful technology to help trucking companies realize efficiencies, sustainability, and differentiation. We’re a team of highly experienced software developers, hardware engineers, and data scientists who are serious about solving the biggest challenges in the trucking industry from understanding and improving your fuel economy, to hiring and retaining the best drivers to identifying early indicators of maintenance issues. By building connected devices and using modern data science techniques that are widely deployed, we derive key insights into opportunities for innovation.

Just like in your business, the truck and the driver are at the heart of what we do.

When we first started TruckLabs, it was important for us to gain an intuitive understanding of how trucking works. After driving millions of miles, it was apparent to us that the truck and the driver should be at the heart of how we approach innovation and build products. We also believe it’s the area that’s top of mind for our customers and the area that still has the most room for improvement.

Continuous improvement of the details, scaled across the whole fleet.

In a highly competitive and commoditized industry, the most effective way to realize efficiencies is by continuously working on improving the details and then scaling those improvements across the whole fleet. Improvements per mile may be small, but when a fleet of trucks drives millions of miles, those improvements are significant. With margins being pennies on the mile, savings can produce orders of magnitude in profits to the company. Furthermore, our products continuously improve the longer and more widely they’re being used. As our system learns and evolves, we deploy these improvements to the products you’ve already invested in.

Measurability leads to accountability.

As trucking companies feel intense pressure to differentiate and realize operational efficiencies, they face the limitations of small margins. Hence, they don’t have much room to experiment and test to see what works and moves the needle. Furthermore, fleet managers want to ensure that proposed solutions will deliver on what they promise, especially since they are bombarded with new products daily. Measuring and reporting is at the heart of how we build our products ensuring accountability of all technology deployed.