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How Ryder Systems saved 4.1% on fuel with TruckWings

The equivalent of 9.07 tonnes of CO2 per truck per year



Miles Driven

What is TruckWings?

TruckWings™ is a tractor-mounted aerodynamic device that automatically closes the gap between cab and trailer to reduce drag, improve stability, and increase fuel efficiency.

That means 3-6% fuel savings or electric truck range extension which can be thousands of dollars in savings per truck leading to millions of dollars per fleet.

TruckWings is the only fully automated aerodynamic device that works without driver interaction. Drivers can count on it to deploy when speed goes above 52mph, and retract when speed goes below 50mph. So there’s no need to take their eyes off their driving or their hands off the wheel. Closing the gap reduces buffeting and trailer sway in cross-winds outperforming even the longest side-extenders on the market today.

Five of the 10 largest fleets in North America have installed TruckWings, logging 500 million miles. Each TruckWings unit equals the savings and sustainability impact of taking two passenger vehicles off the road every year.

About Active Aerodynamics

Without a way to close the tractor-trailer gap, high-speed air rushes into the void, causing a low-pressure area that drags on the tractor hurting fuel economy.

With TruckWings, the gap is closed causing air speed to drop and reduce downstream turbulence. An increase in back-of-cab pressure reduces overall drag on the tractor-trailer – especially in high crosswind environments.

Proven Benefits

Meet ESG Goals

Each TruckWings reduces 20,000 lbs/yr in carbon emissions

Reduce Fuel Costs

Proven savings of 3-6% MPG with 12-18 month ROI resulting in millions of dollars saved per fleet

Improves Driver Experience

TruckWings are fully automated and don’t require any driver interaction while improving stability, especially in cross winds.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Aerospace-grade aluminum has proven durability of almost half a billion miles driven and outperforms side extenders.

Real-Time Data

Cloud connected telematics device with customer dashboards for 100% transparency.

What Drivers Say About TruckWings


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