Truck Fleet Maintenance: How Upkeep Saves Money in the Long Run

Truck Maintenance


Routine truck fleet maintenance takes time, but it’s essential for preventing breakdowns. It also keeps trucks running efficiently, which means fleet owners save money in the long run. 

Given that new truck production slowed in 2022 due to parts shortages, keeping your current trucks in good working order should be a priority.

In this post, we’ll talk about the benefits of truck maintenance and offer some additional tips on how to manage your fleet costs. 

What Does Truck Fleet Maintenance Include? 

Commercial truck fleet maintenance includes preventive service, such as oil changes, air filter replacement, and brake inspection. It also includes emergency service — although, a regular maintenance schedule helps prevent the need for emergency repairs.

Benefits of Truck Fleet Maintenance

These are the main benefits of maintaining commercial trucks:

Improved Fuel Economy

Properly maintained trucks are more efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Regular oil changes and filter replacements help keep the engine running at peak efficiency. And according to one study, fleets that follow a strict maintenance schedule can see fuel consumption improvements of 5-10%.

Reduced Operating Costs

Preventive maintenance helps identify potential problems before they become costly repairs. This saves money by keeping vehicles on the road longer and reducing labor costs associated with repair work. 

Increased Safety 

By regularly checking tires, brakes, lights, and other components, you can ensure your fleet is operating safely. 

Lower Emissions

A well-maintained engine produces fewer emissions, which is beneficial for the environmental and helps improve air quality. Some states have enacted emissions-control laws that may force fleets to either reduce their emissions or pay fines for non-compliance.

Prevents Out-of-Service Orders

When a truck fails a safety inspection, an inspector can issue an out-of-service order. That means a carrier might be unable to complete a scheduled delivery, which can result in dissatisfied customers and disruptions in the supply chain. 

Tips for Effective Truck Fleet Maintenance

Allow for Staff Training

To effectively maintain a truck fleet, technicians must have proper training. Invest in adequate staff training and build time for it into staff schedules. Keep in mind that additional training may be necessary if you switch to trucks with alternative fuel sources. 

Use of Quality Parts and Supplies

The use of quality parts is another key factor for effective truck fleet maintenance. Poorly manufactured components can lead to unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and increased downtime. That’s why it’s important to invest in high-quality parts from reputable suppliers who offer warranties on their products for added peace of mind.


Lastly, proper documentation and recordkeeping is necessary for accurate tracking of vehicle information such as mileage, service records, and warranty coverage details. This helps track maintenance expenses over time and ensures you have an audit-ready service log, should inspectors ask to see it.  

Detailed records also make it easier to spot patterns involving specific vehicles within your fleet.  

Additional Ways to Minimize Fleet Operation Costs

Regular maintenance does help trucks run more efficiently, but even so, the cost of fuel can be significant for large fleets. Fuel cards can help drivers save on diesel, and there’s another way to cut fuel costs that requires no driver action: TruckWings. 

TruckWings is a telematics-powered aerodynamic device that reduces drag and trailer sway on the highway. It deploys automatically when driving speed exceeds 52 mph, closing the gap between tractor and trailer. And it retracts when speed drops below 50 mph.

TruckWings installs easily and requires minimal maintenance. And technicians don’t need special training to maintain TruckWings — just perform a visual inspection as part of your truck fleet maintenance schedule. When it’s time to replace parts, you can order them from us and follow our simple maintenance instructions. 

Let TruckWings Do the Work

Overseeing a fleet is a lot of work. But when you install TruckWings to improve your fuel economy, it continues saving you money with almost no human effort. 

Learn more about how TruckWings helped one of the largest North American fleets cut its fuel costs.

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